Terms & Conditions

KEY NOTE: on receiving your dress(es) if you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your dress, you must come to our boutique in Worthing to discuss this further. Please consider the time this could potentially involve. If you decide not to come back, then we will not refund you, partially refund, pay for alterations, or offer any compensation whatsoever.
Delivery Time Scale
We will not start processing your order until 24 hours after a deposit or full payment has been made. Your dress(es) will take 10-12 weeks to be delivered (5 months plus for bridal). Please allow an additional week for delivery (from the supplier, to Velvet Birdcage, to customer). Please remember – we are giving these delivery times based on how long it will take to have your dress made and deliver your dress. How little time you leave yourself for potential alterations is entirely up to yourself.
Ordering Process
Having agreed on the style, colour and size of a dress(es) between yourself and Velvet Birdcage, an order form will be completed with this information and your contact details. You will be given a copy of this. Either the full amount or a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total order value will be taken (full payment must be made and cleared before the dresses are dispatched/collected). We then process your deposit and place your order with our supplier. We will inform you by e-mail or phone that your dress(es) are ready for collection.
Cancelling Your Order or Making Changes
If you wish to cancel or amend your order, please do so by e-mail or phone within 24 hours of placing your order.
Occasionally/rarely, the manufacture of your item may be delayed. This can be for various reasons such as material shortages, import delays or higher than anticipated demand. We will, of course, every effort to keep you informed.
We do not offer any discount for ordering more than 1 dress.
Due to using different rolls of fabric, all colours are subject to slight variation. If you split any part of your order, we cannot guarantee that the colours will match.
Change in design/bespoke made dresses
We accept no responsibility if you change a dress in any way from the original design and are not happy with either the new design, how the dress looks, or fits. If we are working from pictures and inspiration, we do not claim to be able to make the dress exactly as in the picture. We do not accept any responsibility for a dress that may not be made as a “customer had imagined”. You may have to seek further alterations in order to get the dress looking just how you want it.
Dresses cannot be returned as they are made to order.
Measurement taken outside of our boutique
You will be fully responsible for any alterations that may be required if measurements are taken by yourself or any other independent party. If you believe that we have made a dress to the wrong measurements you need to come into our boutique (the person who’s dress is in question and the dress). If you decide not to do this, then we will not refund you, partially refund, pay for alterations, or offer any compensation whatsoever.
Sizes and Dresses General
You are responsible for ensuring that the bra and shoes worn at the time of being measured are what you will be wearing on the day. Zips: the zips on our dresses are typically YKK and sewn in securely. If you decide to have your dress made tight, or you gain weight from the time you were measured, the zip can pull apart. Ruching: dresses that feature folds or ruching will show pin holes where the pins have held the design in place. It’s impossible for us to create these dresses without using pins.
We will have your dress made to the nearest standard size in each body area: bust, waist, hip and length, i.e. Bust: size 10, Waist: size 12, Hips: size 14, Length: Short/regular/long/extra long. You must allow 2 cms either way on each measurement taken. This doesn’t mean that your dress will be made to exact measurements. Please remember this is a free service and only designed to get the dress closer to your size. Your dress may still need some alterations/adjustments which is not included in the price.
Dresses Not Fitting
Your dress may still need some alterations/adjustments once you receive it which is something that you need to take into consideration please. If you are more than a size between your bust, waist and hip measurement, you will almost certainly need alterations. Please remember! We are only taking your bust, waist, hip and length to the nearest standard size. So it is likely that it will need ‘tweaking’. Please also bear in mind that we are not taking any other measurements such as under bust, shoulder to waist, bicep, apex to apex, etc etc.
Please also bear in mind that the dress you tried on in our boutique may not be your size and therefore your dress may look different. The width of the ‘skirt’ will be proportionate to your hip measurement, not to the smaller or larger size dress that you may have tried on.
Our dresses are not made in-house. Dresses are designed, finished & altered in-house.
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