All measurements are taken while you are fully clothed. We will measure your bust, waist, hips and length. Your dress made to the nearest size in each of these areas. For example, your bust may be closest to a standard size 12, your waist closest to a standard size 14, and your hips closest to a standard 18.

THIS SERVICE IS FREE! It doesn't mean your dress will be made-to-measure. The idea is to get much closer in terms of fitting than buying a standard size. Your dress may need alterations which are not included in the price.

 If You're Measuring Yourself

This is the fullest part of your bust, wearing the bra you'll be wearing on the day, relax and keep your arms at your side.  jkljflksjkdljflksjklsjfkljskfjklsjfklsjfklsjf

Smallest part of your waist. Please consider adding some extra cm's for potential alterations or comfort as desired. It may be worth adding a lace up back to allow yourself some room for error!
This is the fullest part of your hips/posterior! Not your hipbone. Can you sit down? Do you need a few extra cms? 

This is not the length of the skirt, or your height. It's shoulder, over bust, to the length you desire. For example, to your calf, knee, top of your toe, etc. WITH THE SHOES YOU WILL BE WEARING ON THE DAY.

Corset backs help with fit! 


How To Measure