Bespoke Occasion Dresses

This service is best used for Bridesmaid, Evening & Prom dresses. You can mix & match tops and bottoms. If you like the top of one dress, and the bottom of another, you can create your own mix & match design. The price is simply based on the higher-priced dress. For example our Flamboyant Dress costs £210, our Rebel dress costs £160.... Mixing the top of Flamboyant, with the bottom of Rebel, AND changing the colour, AND having it made to your shape, will cost just £210 -amazing!!


Already Found a Gown ?
Prices from £300.This service suits someone who has seen a picture of a dress and would like us to create something similar. We won't copy a design like-for-like, we tweak it so it becomes your own piece. We have designed dresses for people who have seen a dress on the internet, films, awards ceremony's etc. The price is generally based on fabric and beading.
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