Bridal Trends and Goings On!

It's always interesting to see which trends filter down from the glossy bridal magazines to our brides. We started the season with almost every bride wanting  a backless dress. Perfect for the perky bust elite. For those not quite ready to burn the bra, we covered straps with intricate beading, or carefully placed applique pieces placed over skin-coloured tulle. 

I've had many brides saying they've been told they can't wear a fishtail as there too short. Height has very little to do with it - its all about the T & A. More T than A? Add undernetting to balance the top. More A than T? Add straps that sit just off the shoulder. Applique and lace took over the requests beading and blush colours that we were fitting last year.

Last year, we saw the skirt and top combo everywhere. Let's face it, the probability of wearing either piece to partake in the weekly shop or to pick up the kids is remote, but that's how us ladies justify the cost and a little bit of denial is totally justified when spending hundreds on a dress!  Layered 40's style netting skirts with bardot tops, Mikado a-lines with racer tops, or flowing chiffon with lace beaded bolero's . We've even had brides that want a pencil or column dress, and a full netting separate skirt to whip off the evening, Bucks Fizz style.

In between these appointments are the ladies who  want to look like Cinderella, and why the hell not? They had that dream when they were 8 years old, and they're sticking with it! The twist to the standard princess gowns, was to incorporate tulle sleeves, boat necklines, or 3/4 length sleeves.

This year, it looks like nude tulle with carefully placed applique is the way forward.

Top bridal woes remain to be tummy, upper arm and back lumps & bumps... which is mainly just skin!  I got married in my twenties - not enough time for the sagging to manifest; nowadays, I have more cleavage on my back, than chest.  A bride can still make the most of their body without  sweating on chicken fillets  or spanx creating an under arm muffin. Built in cups and internal corsets do all the work for you.