Who Do I Bring To a Bridal Appointment?

This can be a tricky one, and no-one wants to hurt anyone's feelings! But who you bring along to your bridal appointment can be the make or break of 1; finding your dream dress and 2; enjoying the appointment.

Having been in thousands of appointments, here's our tips for success;

1; bring people along that appreciate your style - even if its different to their own. 

2; you want honesty of course, but anyone who is likely to comment on your weight, losing weight, gaining weight, etc, I would maybe not invite them on this occasion.

3; too many people. You're standing there in 'the one'.. you love it, we love it, 3 people love it, 1 person doesn't. This can make you doubt it, and you're back to square one. And sometimes, there is one person who doesn't like the dress, but remember; you wouldn't necessarily buy the jumper they're wearing or have the same haircut!