Hate shopping, let alone bridal shopping....

Hate the idea of shopping for a bridal dress?

My sister and I created Velvet Birdcage around 15 years ago. Lovers of fashion and clothes, there's nothing we love more than a big shop, and we don't mean at Tesco. But so many people don't share our joy and mainly shop online because they can't stand shopping in stores.

This is something you never need to worry about with us. Our boutique has a relaxed vibe and there's no pushing or pressure. We love meeting new people and take the appointment at your pace. It's a fun experience, not intimidating at all. 

Some brides come to their appointment with pictures, a pinterest board, fabric swatches etc, and other brides walk in and say "help"... and we do!

Should you buy a wedding dress online?
If you know you're body shape and what suits you, if you know what fabrics will work for you, if you are good at measuring and are prepared to find an alterationist, then yes, it can work for you. 

If not, then let us pick out the perfect style. Tweak the design so it works for your body & budget. Add sleeves, or a corset, or change the lace, etc. We live and breathe bridal and if you want a classic simple style then that's what we will design for you, and if you want ruffles/catwalk/drama, then we can do that too.

Katie & Amy x