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Botanical soft lace, nude underlay, beaded belt and open back. Gorgeous and unusual fishtail dress. Full-length lace sleeves, high-neck collar, booty enhancing dress!


  • Mix & Match the top & bottom with another dress
  • Make v-neck
  • Change colour
  • Add beading
  • Fill in back
  • No sleeves and/or collar
  • Reduce/increase train


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The Enchanted wedding dress is from our beautiful Stirling Knight Collection. Velvet Birdcage Bridal offers a unique experience. All dresses are designed in-house which means you can work with us to put a twist on the existing collection, or design your own dress for a fraction of the price of many other bridal boutiques. Since 2006 we have been creating exquisite and unique dresses. Vintage-inspired, 1940’s glamour, sleek classic dresses, deco-style gowns, red-carpet modern looks, short, contemporary, tea and calf length, we do it all! The Enchanted wedding dress is made from botanical lace and features an open back.

Stirling Knight Collection is a beautiful collection of relaxed & stunning boho wedding dresses designed by Amy Duke from Velvet Birdcage Worthing. The Stirling Knight Collection is a beautiful range of soft silks, tulle and eclectic lace dresses that can be made in any length and in any colour. If you want to add your own personality to your wedding dress, Velvet Birdcage can have your dress made to your exact requirements - for example, high or low back, and sleeves, change the beading or fabric. You can also mix the top of one, with the bottom or another, or go full bespoke. All dresses are available in any size and colour. 

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